Owner/Head Trainer

AC Colin

Hi there!  My name is AC and I am the owner of NXT Level Boot Camp.  Growing up and being inspired by great athletes, sports and fitness has always been a way of life for me. I was always participating and playing competitive baseball, football, basketball, and wrestling from elementary school all the way through high school. I always competed at a high level in these sports, but found my calling in health and fitness when joining the United States Army. During this time in the service, I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (SGT) in just 3 years of joining the service. In those years, I started personal training on the side and took part in group training sessions where I learned under US Army Master Fitness instructors. I eventually became an instructor myself and my love for the field has grown each day. When leaving the service, I wanted to carry on what I learned and apply those skills in the civilian world. I became a certified personal and group trainer and also earned a Bachelor’s from Florida Atlantic University and have focused on Exercise Science. Today I teach one-on-one, small groups and of course classes at NXT Level Boot Camp.

Boot camp workouts are a love of mine. I got into it  when I went to the US Army Boot Camp in Fort Benning, Georgia. I got into the best overall shape of my life, but while there I accomplished more than just getting into good shape. During boot camp, I worked together with people I never met and from there forged new friendships that still last to this day. The things I learned (comradery, teamwork, a “never give up” attitude, heart, passion, and fun) in camp are the things I bring to my classes today.  We use every tool possible during the boot camp workouts. Things like tires, sleds, kegs, logs, trucks, ropes, hoses, cables, people (yes your fellow campers can be used as a workout tool), weights and many more that can’t be listed.  It’s nice to keep some things as a surprise…

Whether you are just starting off or already in good-shape and looking for a new challenge, NXT Level Boot Camp can adjust the workout and routines to help you achieve any fitness and health goals that you desire. Also included in the your boot camp program is a nutritional seminar, beginning and end body measurement, and out of camp email / messaging so in case you have questions regarding workouts, food, supplements, or you just want to say hi, you can feel free. Come take the  challenge, enjoy the results, and join us at the NXT Level!