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Group Training is Here to Stay

While the concept of group training is nothing new, the utilization of it is taking the fitness world by storm.  With people’s lives getting more and more busy, their time is at a premium.  Since optimal health is still a priority for so many, the idea of going to a large gym where they will typically do the same workout week after week, while getting limited results is becoming a thing of the past.  People want to spend no more than an hour training and get the best results possible for the effort they are putting in.

Boot Camps, cycling and other group training methods have moved to the forefront of the exercise world due to their efficient techniques and reduced costs compared to utilizing a personal trainer.  These classes are typically no20150316_183021 larger than 25-30 people, but can often only be as little as 6-10.  This allows for the trainer to motivate and instruct the group, while introducing a wide variety of exercise routines so the person’s muscles do not get ultra-efficient at performing the routine, much like what happens on a stair master or elliptical machine.

If you have not tried this type of class, many of them are offered throughout the country and many offer free classes to insure you enjoy the approach they take.  It is time to capitalize on this newest trend as it is proving to be a trend that is staying!