Frequently Asked Questions

We Welcome You to Ask Us Anything About NXT Level, but Here are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns, please read this collection of Frequently Asked Questions. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us.


What fitness level do I need to do one of these classes?

Simply Put... ANY LEVEL! Our instructors can alternate or tailor certain aspects of the workout to let your body adjust to the training. We want everybody to work hard, but at the same time to be safe while doing it and keeping you, and everybody else, happy and motivated.

What type of results can I expect?

Although you will probably start feeling better and stronger immediately, in the first month many new campers experience increased energy, strength, endurance, along with weight and fat loss. We do weigh-ins and measurements for those who want on a regular basis to make sure you are staying on track and make adjustments as needed.

How do I need to dress for the classes?

Normal athletic wear that you would wear to the gym. Some of our members choose to wear gloves, but they are not necessary.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Members typically bring water and an exercise mat to class. While we do have mats for everyone's use, many of our members prefer to bring their own.

How long are classes?

Typically classes are one hour long. During holidays, we often have a "friends and family" class which is free for all participants and they can be 1.5 to 2 hours due to the large turnouts.

How much are classes?

We offer a variety of packages for our members to custom fit your lifestyle and needs. They range from a Per Class price to a Monthly Unlimited package. Prices can be found here.

How many days a week are classes?

We offer classes 7 days a week and are always looking to add additional times to help our members

Do you offer one-on-one training?

Yes, but this would not be included in the regular monthly fee. Contact us for pricing.

Are you able to alter a workout for injuries or ability?

Absolutely! One of the things that makes NXT Level Boot Camp different is that we have members of all fitness levels in the same class and we are able to customize the workout for each individual!

Is it worth it?

We definitely would say it is worth it, but we are a little biased. The only person who can truly tell you if it is worth it, is you. We invite you to sign up for our Introductory Free Work out and see for yourself!